Top 6 FAQs about animal communication

1. Can everyone talk to animals?

YES! You can learn to talk to animals if you want to. It’s not a skill limited to small group of people in this world. Anyone can do it – IF they want to learn.

2. Do they have feelings?

Yes – animals do have feelings. They feel joy, excitement, grief, anxiety and pain. What they don’t do is hold a grudge on someone and they don’t feel anger. They are 100% pure and present. Do you want to learn mindfulness? Learn from the animals. They invented it :)

3. Does my dog understand what I’m saying?

Yes, and no. Animals understand very clearly what we’re saying if we are present and use pictures with our words. Take the time to concentrate on the meaning of the words and send the pictures that matches them. Your dog, cat, horse, bunny etc. will understand.

4. As a telepath can you hear all animals?

Yes. I believe I can hear them all. So far I’ve talked with mammals, fish and grasshoppers. The telepathy works with all of them.

5. Does my cat know what I’m thinking?

Not completely (thank God..)  By the or she get the pictures and the emotions that matches your thoughts. I often hear dogs, cats and horses saying that their owners worry too much or have low feelings about themselves. So the animals know what troubles our mind. In fact – they can mirror the pain you feel both physically and emotionally. They want to help and sometimes they can take our pain and carry it for us.

6. Do I need a long and expensive education before I can use telepathy?

NO! Telepathy doesn’t require an education.  You can learn how to tune in and listen to animals in a day. But mastering the skill to near perfection and hearing with an open heart without fear or judgement that take a lot of practice and commitment. It goes without saying that animal communication leads to a life with more compassion, love, tolerance and patience for other living beings in this world. If you want it :)